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    SHRM Membership and Chapter Membership are the Perfect Combination

    Advance your career with SHRM Membership and gain access to:

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    Our Chapter Membership:

    There are many reasons for you to consider joining our chapter.  One great reason includes the chance to actively participate in our region’s community-based Human Resource group. Other considerations include the opportunity to share the focus on current HR issues that are of importance to our members and to gather valuable information to assist in personal and professional development of our members.

    Our regularly scheduled meetings are held in March, April, May, June, September, October, November and December on the second Tuesday of these selected months.  Occasionally there will be a change to allow for programming issues.  When that happens, adequate notice is given to our membership to allow for most scheduling changes.

    Membership dues for our chapter are $60.00 per person per calendar year for National SHRM members, and $75.00 for non members. Alternatively, the cost is $10.00 per meeting for non-members to attend a presentation. We also offer a half-year membership for our fall/winter seasons! Please contact us to learn more.

    How to Join

    Step 1: Click the following link to apply for your online 2024 membership application:

    You will receive an invoice from us in the near future requesting the one-time annual payment to be a member for the year.  We will notify you at the next calendar year to continue your membership. 

    Step 2: NEW MEMBERS: Please click the button below to create your website user account (if you do not already have an active account) to access the members only resources portal. You may want to create a generic password, as you will later be prompted to reset your password once admin approves your online account request. 

    Step 3: You will receive an email approving your online account. Note: You may be requested to reset your password for security purposes to best protect your information. Note: Password changes require a 24-hour time period. 

    We welcome you as an official Northwest Iowa/Southwest Minnesota Area HRA member! (Your local SHRM Chapter)